Whether you are looking to heal a chronic condition, to prevent disease, or just looking to live a vibrant life full of vitality, we can help you.

Here at the IV Infusion Lounge, we infuse vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into a patient’s vein. We offer a variety of services ranging from personalized infusions, based on a person’s specific needs as well as IV’s for general health and wellness. We replenish vitamins and minerals that are commonly deficient. There are many benefits of getting IV infusions. For example, generally when we take supplements by mouth, they are not necessarily absorbed fully. With IV’s there is 100% absorption as the nutrient is going directly in to the bloodstream. Often patients feel the benefits immediately.

We offer infusions for general wellness, for repletion of deficiencies, High dose Vitamin C, Detoxifying infusions such as Glutathione, and IV’s for antiaging. We also offer IV’s which have been used to help people with addictions and dependencies.

In Dr. Sood’s signature 3 month Wellness Program, she offers:.

  • A 60 minute Initial Consultation
  • An extensive Functional Medicine workup
  • Comprehensive Laboratory analysis testing all functions of the body including: liver, kidneys, blood, hormones, toxic metals, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, parasites and much more
  • A 90 day program with a Health Coach who coaches them on a personalized diet, along with lifestyle modifications. This includes one-on-one coaching for the entire month
  • A 2 month herbal cleanse
  • 3 Follow up sessions
  • 3-4 IV infusions based on the patients laboratory analysis and individual needs
  • Follow up Laboratory assessment to assess the progress

New patients can opt for the signature program, or come in for IV infusions a-la-carte.


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